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When used as an Internet term, viral refers to a recurring practice or pattern of Internet use that moves rapidly from user to user.

A viral video is a video clip that gets popular by users sharing it with others through the Internet.

Viral advertising refers to a marketing campaign that uses social networks to boost brand awareness or to achieve a desired marketing objective. 

Viral Videos have been used successfully by companies like Coca Cola, Nike, L'Oreal, Sony, and is now recognised as a very cost effective way of propagating your marketing message and generating leads online.

The online idea of viral is to give away a free quality item, so that it eagerly gets duplicated and spreads like a virus over the Internet.

Can you use a Viral Marketing campaign in your business? If you have an online business and wish to promote it, you MUST consider viral marketing. You do not necessarily have to use a viral video on your website, there are other options for consideration. You could provide some useful information, a free service, or free download. If you need a Viral Video we can produce that too.

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