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SureDial™ Permanent Modem

A permanent modem connection over 56k lines is ideal for small offices with 1-10 users working over a LAN. With the cost of one local call you get connected to the Internet and stay for an unlimited amount of time. You also have the benefit of a static IP address which means that you could be running an in-house Mail Server if you so desire. 

One local call is all you need to get connected, which means that you save on making calls to the ISP number and you are no longer limited by time usage.

We offer two types of Permanent Accounts. If your browsing and download requirements are light (under 500MB per month) for as little as $195 per month you could establish a connection to the Internet permanently.  

Accounts we offer:

SureDial Type Monthly  Access Price Per month Download limit
Permanent Modem Unlimited $195 500MB
Permanent Modem Unlimited $295 None
Permanent Modem: Once-off Setup Charge $150, 25 cents per excess MB if applicable.
Accounts are prepaid monthly in advance.

Here are the main reasons why you should connect with Oznet:

  • SureDial, eliminates peak-hour frustration.
  • Unlimited Download, means no hidden costs.
  • High Performance V.90 & K56Flex surfing, high speed access.
  • Easy 2 minutes connection setup, no disk or CD required. Simply click Dial-up Networking, Make New Connection and input the access telephone number in your area. [settings]
  • No session restrictions, stay on for hours, even at peak times.
  • Australia-wide coverage, use it when you travel- Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Newcastle.
  • 5Mb of Free Web Space
  • Free Email,
  • Flexible packages to suit your exact requirements.
  • Friendly service & support.
  • Comprehensive Business Services including Frame Relay, ISDN & Private Networks.

Fed up with your ISP's engaged tones, constant frozen screens, slow  downloads that freeze towards the end, a massive Excess Download Bill!! Treat yourself to SureDial™ a hassle free Internet experience.

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