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 Virtual Private Server 
Your own private dedicated server environment at minimal costs for Multiple virtual Domain Hosting. You control server resources through cPanel Web interface. This means that you create users and control resources through a browser, no need to get involved with Linux commands. Our VPS plans have guaranteed system resources (CPU, Memory, disk space) allowing you to fully utilize your server at all times. Through a complete set of control panels users self-administer domains. With options to run DNS/Bind, Chilisoft ASP, Java servlets or uploading other software of your choice.

Our VPS plans are particularly suited to companies burdened by the high maintenance cost of running in-house web servers as well as web designers or related service companies wanting to offer Branded Web Hosting. The cPanel interface allows for appliance, domain, and user administration in a tiered fashion decreasing the need for constant user support.

Features include:
Cpanel Web Control
Secure Site (SSL)

Modperl for Apache
FrontPage Extensions
POP3 + Imap
OpenSSH Secure Shell
MySQL Database / phpMyAdmin
Majordomo Mailing List

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