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The Oznet Marketing team consists of marketing professionals, web developers, website designers, Digital and search engine marketing (SEM) specialists.

We provide your business with a comprehensive long-term marketing service focusing on delivering real results which will enable you to expand your business online. We work closely with you on developing a complete strategic marketing campaign and implementation plan, from web design, graphic design, branding, company image and internet marketing. Our team of website developers can design a website for your business; your website is your persona on the Internet and is your business’s most important marketing tool. it represents your image, your Brand, and the quality of your goods and services to the whole world. What marketing message is your website sending out to the online community?

Social media’s influence on driving business via the web is expected to surpass search engine optimisation (SEO) in 2015, according to eMarketer. Web marketers and PR professionals must pay attention to how social media affects search, and ultimately how it can change the rules of online visibility and (online) brand engagement.

An effective online campaign strategy is vital. It can send your enquiry rate through the roof. Marketing campaigns that are not intrusive but permission based are extremely effective and could form the bulk of your digital strategy. What strategic marketing campaign tools are you using in these recessionary times?

At Oznet we are your secret weapon to get strategic marketing jobs done without the hassle of hiring full-time staff. We believe in developing a close long term relationship with our clients that is mutually beneficial. The more successful the marketing of your website the more it generates work for us.

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