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 Dedicated Web Servers 

If you are providing Network and Internet related services to your clients or you require your own dedicated corporate web server, we can provide you with "Branded" Web Hosting on a national level. No need to invest in your own servers, routers or modems. We provide you with an efficient and reliable infrastructure for a premium service. You concentrate on your own core business and leave the Network side of procuring, operating and maintaining expensive and complex ISP equipment to us.

This would be a suitable solution for Web Design Houses, Network Consultants, Social Clubs or large organisations who would like to offer their clients or members their own brand.

Installed on all server environments
  • Red Hat Linux 7.1 Operating System
  • Analogue Web Analyser
  • Apache Web Server 1.3.19
  • Telnet
  • GNU C/C++ Compiler 2.95.3
  • Lynx Text-Based Browser
  • Majordomo List Server 1.94.5
  • Make
  • Microsoft FrontPage Extensions
  • mod_perl for Apache
  • mod_php for Apache
  • MySQL Database
  • POP3 + IMAP Server
  • proFTPd FTP Server
  • Perl 5.6
  • Python 2.0
  • Sendmail SMTP Server
  • Vacation Auto-Responder
  • Spam filters
  • SSH2
  • Squirrel mail (web based email)


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