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ADSL Broadband for Home or Business Access

High Speed Access plan- and the phone still works!

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a new technology that uses the existing copper phone lines to deliver fast, high-bandwidth digital data transfer. ADSL therefore makes it possible for Internet users to have faster access to streaming media, large downloads, multiplayer gaming, and a variety of other Internet applications at a cheaper price.

ADSL Benefits Summary:

  • Speeds 5-25 times faster than a  56kbps connection
  • Simultaneous Internet and voice/fax over a single line 
  • A fast Internet connection that is always on
  • Cheap Plans- save on dialup phone costs
  • Superior Service

We offer Broadband both to Home and Business Users. Prominent Features of our Broadband ADSL are:

  • Very EASY to set-up, just plug and go.
  • High quality service line.
  • Excellent technical support.
  • Not a lengthy contract, 6 months minimum.
  • Competitive pricing.

See our ADSL Broadband Prices - for Metro areas only.

Optional ADSL Access Devices :

  • USB Router $95

  • Ethernet/NAT Router $165

  • Network Card $ 17

Interested? The first step is to register your interest and provide some preliminary information so that we can make sure ADSL is available in your area. Please go to the ADSL Form page  to register, Once you register a consultant will follow up your enquiry initially through email.

ADSL Plan (Registration Form)

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