OZNET => SureDial Access =>  Premium Quality Fast Internet Access  99.9% Australia wide coverage

National Access  99.9% coverage

Quality Premium SureDial , Unlimited Time
For subscribers who spend a lot of time on the Net, but do not need to download a lot of material. This is a Premium SureDial quality Internet service at a very cost effective price of only $40 per month. A download limit of 300MB applies per month, and a session limit of four hours after which you can dial in again.

SureDial   Monthly  Access Price Per month Download limit
Premium Unlimited $33 300 MB
Permanent Modem Unlimited $195 500 MB
Permanent Modem Unlimited $225 None
Permanent Modem: Once-off Set-up Charge $165
25 cents per excess MB is applicable.
Available: 99.9% Australian Coverage.
Accounts are prepaid monthly in advance in advance.
You join January 16 at $
33 per month.
Subscription for the remaining of January $

Subscription for February $

Payable at subscription time $
including 10% GST
Total: $
, and $33 for March onwards.
Terms and Conditions of Service

SureDial is a Registered Trademark of Oznet Internet Services.

Here are the main reasons why you should connect with Oznet:

  • SureDial , eliminates peak-hour frustration.

  • Unlimited plans, means no hidden costs.

  • Quality Internet Access, V90, 56K.

  • Easy 2 minutes connection set-up, no disk or CD required. Simply click Dial-up Networking, Make New Connection and input the access telephone number in your area. [ISP settings]

  • No session restrictions, stay on for hours, even at peak times, (unlimited download accounts only).

  • Australia-wide 99.9% coverage, use it when you travel- Sydney, Melbourne,  Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Bathurst, Campbelltown, Gold Coast, Gosford, Penrith, Newcastle...

  • Flexible packages to suit your exact requirements.

  • No Set-up charge.

  • All your Internet needs, access, hosting, domain registration, web-site design, from one reliable source.

  • No lengthy service contract obligations.

  • Premium service & support.

Fed up with your ISP's engaged tones, constant frozen screens, slow  downloads that freeze towards the end, a massive Excess Download Bill!! Treat yourself to SureDial a hassle free Internet experience.

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OZNET  & SureDial   are Registered Trademarks of Oznet Internet Services Pty Ltd.

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