NETjet-S PCI 128k ISDN Modem Card
An ISDN price breakthrough for Windows and Linux with Data Over Voice "DOV"
data over voice modem The NETjet-S is a fully integrated modem card providing high-speed ISDN access to the Internet, intranets and on-line services.
Key Benfits:

High Bandwidth
Fast HTML sessions, downloads and file transfers, supporting both PPP(64k) and ML-PPP (128k) protocols.

Data Over Voice "DOV"
Unlimited local calls with data over voice mode.

Low Cost
Breakthrough pricing with state of the art single chip VLSI technology.

The VLSI card has far less components.

Easy Installation
PCI plug and Play, no jumpers or switches for OC configuration.

Windows Support
Drivers for Win95, Win98, WinME, NT4 and 2000.

Linux Support
HiSax drivers for Linux 2.0.3x, 2.2.x, and 2.4.x kernels.

The NETjet-S PCI  PCI ISDN Modem puts the Internet at your fingertips within seconds. Accessing the Internet over ISDN gives a reliable, fast and seamless connection at either 64 or 128k bits/second.

The high bandwidth of ISDN is also well suited for Remote  Access and Telecommuting applications across Intranets and Enterprise Networks. The built-in routing features of Linux are also well suited to Router and Gateway applications.

The Data Over Voice "DOV" feature allows un-timed local calls.

The NETjet-S PCI  integrates seamlessly with HiSax, the well proven Linux ISDN sub-system. Comprehensive Linux support is provided on-line and regularly updated via the website.

Two NETjet-S PCI cards can be combined in one Linux system providing up to 256kbps bandwidth- a powerful and cost effective solution.


A$267 inc GST

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