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What is VPN?
In today's business environment there is an ever increasing need for faster and flexible access to the corporate communication infrastructure. Employees want to access the intranets wherever they are. Business partners want to join together in extranets to share information. 

Businesses are finding that previous networking solutions, like ISDN dedicated leased lines or frame-relay circuits, don't provide the flexibility required to create new partner links or support project teams in the field. Meanwhile, a rise in telecommuting and mobile sales forces is eating up resources as more money is spent on modem banks, remote-access servers, and worst of all "line charges".

Broadband VPN promises to solve most of these
 business networking problems

VPN allows network managers to economically connect remote branch offices and project teams to the main corporate network. They also provide remote access to employees and reduce the need for in-house equipment and support.

Rather than depend on dedicated leased lines or frame relay, an Internet-based VPN uses the open, distributed infrastructure of the Internet to transmit data between corporate sites.

Companies using a Broadband VPN, set up point to point connections via DSL services. Internet-based VPNs include measures for encrypting data passed between VPN sites, which protects the data against hackers and tampering by unauthorised parties.

In addition, VPN is not limited to corporate sites and branch offices. A VPN can also provide secure connectivity for mobile workers. They can connect to their company's VPN by dialling into of a local ISP, reducing the need for long-distance charges and the cost of installing and maintaining large banks of modems and routers at corporate sites. 

Consider the potential benefits of a Broadband VPN:

  • Faster downloads of large data files and other information from the Internet
  • Web pages that pop up the instant you request them
  • No waiting for internet connection
  • Save on staffing, technical and administration costs by streamlining infrastructure.
  • Reduction in maintenance costs, and hardware redundancy
  • Savings in Branch Office equipment costs
  • Easy connection for telecommuters.

By connecting multiple sites like branch offices, suppliers, clients or even staff working from home, you'll all share the benefits. And that has to be simply better for business.

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