imac isp setup

Mac ISP Dialup Settings

  • Click open "Internet Setup Assistant"

  • Click the "Update" button"

  • Click for "Add Internet Configuration" For the name of the configuration put "Oznet", and click for "Modem" for connecting to the Internet, continue.

  • Choose the Modem you are using, the appropriate port, and pick "Tone".

  • Insert the appropriate Oznet phone connection number for your area, then input your user ID and password, continue.

  • Pick "No" for IP address, continue.

  • Leave the DNS section blank, Domain Name for configuration leave blank, continue.

  • Input your email as, write the email password, continue.

  • For POP Account put, for SMTP put, continue.

  • Newsgroup settings,, continue.

The Assistant now has all the information necessary to connect your Mac. to Oznet, click to connect.

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