Windows NT4.0 Set-up


Note: This set-up is just a guide and Oznet cannot take responsibility for any difficulty that you may encounter. Windows NT is considered a professional product and Oznet Technical Support can only supply limited support for NT4 Workstation. NT4 server is not supported. Oznet suggests that setting up Internet Access should only be done by Network Administrators due to possibilities of allowing unauthorized access to your machine or internal network.


Windows NT 4.0 Dial-Up Networking (DUN) is very similar to the Windows 95 DUN. Below is a tutorial which will guide you through installing the Remote Access Service (RAS) and configuring DUN to connect to Oznet.


Click on Start, Select Settings and then Control Panel.

Double click on Network and select the Services tab.

Check to see if Remote Access Service (RAS) is installed. If RAS is installed go straight to Section 2.

If you do not see the Remote Access Service click on add to bring up the Select Network Service screen.

Highlight Remote Access Service and click on OK. You will probably be required to insert your Windows NT CD to copy files.

Now we need to configure RAS.


Click on Start, Select Settings and then Control Panel.

Double click on Network and select the Services tab.

Select Remote Access Service and click on Properties. If no modems are listed click on Add, select or install a modem, following the prompts, and click on OK to return to Remote Access Set-up. Otherwise simply select the appropriate modem and click on Configure.

On the Configure Port Usage screen select Dial out only. You can also use RAS to accept incoming calls but this is a security risk. Click on OK to return to the Remote Access Set-up screen.

Click on Network and ensure that only TCP/IP is selected. Click on OK and then click on Continue. This will bring you back to the Network Control Panel. Click on Close and select Yes when asked to restart your machine.


Double click on My Computer then double click on Dialup Networking. If you are running this program for the first time it will display a message that the phonebook is empty. Click on OK to add an entry. Otherwise click on New.

Give the new phonebook entry a name eg. Oznet and click on Next.

Make sure that the entry "The non-Windows NT..." is selected. Click on Next.

Enter the nearest Oznet Dialling Access number and click on Next.

Select the PPP protocol and click on Next.

Set the logon script to None and click on Next.

You will be asked to enter an IP address. Leave the IP address set as as Oznet assigns your IP address as you log in. Click on Next.

You will now be asked to enter the Name Server Addresses. Enter the details as below:

DNS server

Wins server

Click on Next then Finish to return to the Dial-Up Networking screen.


Click on Dial in the Dial-Up Networking screen.

Enter your Oznet userid and password (in lower case) and click on OK. Your Username is the first part of your email address (eg. If your email address was then your Username would be john). Your modem will now dial and connect to Oznet. When you are connected, your computer will beep.

To bring up statistics or disconnect move the mouse over the tool bar and right click on the telephone icon. A menu will appear from which you will be able to select Open Dial-Up Monitor or Hang up.

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