Windows XP Set-up


Note: This set-up is just a guide and Oznet cannot take responsibility for any difficulty that you may encounter. Oznet suggests that setting up Internet Access should only be done by Network Administrators due to possibilities of allowing unauthorized access to your machine or internal network.

Dial-up Internet configuration - Windows XP

The following information provides instructions on how to set up your computer (running Windows XP) to Oznet Internet using a standard 56K dial-up modem.

1. Click on the "Start" button and select the "Connect To" option from the menu. This will display a menu with an option to "Show All Connections". Double-click on this option to bring up the window.

2. This will open up a new window labeled "Network Connections". On the right-hand side of this window there is an in-built menu that contains common connection preferences. The first option will be "Create a New Connection". You will need to double click on this option.

3. This opens window entitled "New Connection Wizard" and the first window explains what it does. Click "Next" to continue.

4. In this window select the type of connection you wish to make. You will need to highlight the first option "Connect to the Internet" and select "Next" to continue.

5. In this window choose the second option from the top "Set up my connection manually" and select "Next" to continue.

6. You will connect using a dial-up modem, so select the first option from the menu and hit "Next" to continue.

7. This is where you set the name for your connection. It has no bearing on the performance of your connection. The ISP name in this instance is "Oznet Internet". Type this in and hit "Next" to continue.

8. In this screen you need to input the Oznet Internet phone number your modem will dial in to. This should have been given to you by a Oznet Internet Sales representative which is 90110082.

9. The following window is where you will need to input your account settings. Your username and password will need to correspond exactly with what you have selected when signing up for your Oznet Internet account. Your username and password should be in lowercase (unless otherwise specified). The three boxes below are in relation to your own personal preferences and will not impact on your overall connection. Select "Next" to continue.

10. You have now completed creating the connection. We recommend you put a shortcut to this connection on your desktop for easy access later. Click "Finish" to bring up the dial-in window.

11. The following window allows us to test the connection we have just created. The username, password and phone number values will all correspond with what you selected when creating the connection. Ensure that no other devices are using the phone line and select "Dial" to initialise the dial-up connection.

12. This is the progress window that is displayed whilst the computer is dialling. Once the connection is successful this window will disappear to the bottom-right corner of your computer screen and notify you that you are "Now connected to Oznet Internet".

13. At any time while you are connected there will be a small icon (that looks like two computers connected to each other) in the bottom-right corner of your computer screen. If you double click on this icon a panel will appear which provides more information about your current connection.

14. In the properties of Dial-up Networking, click networking Tab, then settings button, turn OFF LCP extensions.

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